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Storm Bonded Herds


Stormy & Bell



Name ~~~ Amber
Grender ~~~ Female
Affinity (Alter) / Parents ~~~ Skylite & Rhythm
Half Siblings~~~ Scribble, Nighttears and Ghostfire
Special Stats ~~~ None
Mate ~~~ Sparkle
 Offspring ~~~ None

The black mare came cantering out of the forest, her head high with her eyes sparkling with kindness, and full of energy. Her mane and tail flowed out behind her like a light blue banner. Each step she took was so full of grace. She shakes her head as she gallops over to the statue or Stormy and Kyra. The mare slows to a stop, and walks to the front of the statue. She looks at the necklace that the girl in the statue is wearing. It is a turquoise oval necklace.


You watch her, and before you have time to decide what to do, the mare turns and spots you. She gives a friendly nicker then jogs over to you. She stops a few feet away from you. Her neck is low and stretched out. Her yellow eyes entrance you. She blinks a couple times then raises her head. “Hello! I’m Amber! Who are you?” You state your name and look over the black mare. Her yellow specks really stand out! She is so beautiful!


Mean while, the necklace around Kyra’s neck on the statue started glowing. “Amber!” A voice said from up a head. Amber ears swiveled around and she turned and galloped off the way that she had come. You decided to follow and stop when you’re beside the statue.


Up the hill you can seen Amber with a pink haired girl, wearing a light purple sort of dress out fit, with blue flames around the bottom and sleeves. She also has her hair up in a high ponytail and wearing a necklace identical to the one on the statue, but smaller. She runs towards Amber and engulfs the mare in a big hug. Amber nickers and nuzzles the girl’s cheek.


“OK! OK!” She walks over to Amber side. Amber kneels down, almost like a bow. The pink haired girl laughs and swings one of her legs over the mare’s back. Amber stands up and turns her head around to look at the girl. The turns to look past their house and starts into a gallop, horse rider looking as one. The mare’s mane and tail following out behind her as well as the girls long pink hair streaming out behind her as the galloped off.

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