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Storm Bonded Herds


Stormy & Bell



Name ~~~ Crash
Grender ~~~ Male
Affinity (Alter) / Parents ~~~ Sacred Sea
Special Stats ~~~ None
Circle ~~~None  
Mate ~~~ None
Offspring ~~~ None

The stallion was trotting up and down beside the stone statue of a light chestnut, with a star marking on his forehead with a girl. The chestnut was resting his head on the girls shoulder. The girl has pink hair and is looking up at the Chestnut. One of her hands is stroking his nose and the other stroking his neck. They look so happy. The stallion is purple with a turquoise mane. His head is high and he looks kind and handsome.


You approach him any way. He stops and turns to you, “Hello! I’m Crash! Who might you be?” He looks you over, his mane and tail blowing in a wave like fashion from the light breeze. You stat your name and look at him. That’s when his ears flicker back to the statue. He turns and trots back to it, then almost forgetting his manners. He stops and looks back at you. “Sorry I have to go. Kyra is here!” With that he turns and gallops off, he flicks his tail as he turned the corner around the statue.


You walk over to the statue noticing that it says something. You read it out loud, “Stormy and Kyra, together forever. Though they are apart they will be in each other’s hearts always. Death won’t stop the bond they have.” You stop to take in what you just read. There is more, but you decide not to read it out loud. It reads: Kyra will make these bonds with her serians and horses alike. There bond will be as strong as with Stormy, death won’t be able to break it. These bonds will be able to withstand all of eternity.


You look up and walk behind the statue and almost like magic to the left of you is a waterfall and over seeing the lake a few yards away stands a small house. You spot Crash and a girl on his back. You can’t see her face, because the sun is now setting behind them. She waves and you return it. Then they turn galloping off into the sunset. You guess that must have been Kyra.

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